Wow, where do I begin? The most important advice I could ever give to someone who is just thinking about getting a beardie, or a new owner and even old owners… is never to stop learning! There are so many great sites and sources of information on the web today about bearded that really make keeping this reptile a very good experience. Bearded Dragons are great reptiles, and it seems like the majority of their keepers are very excited to talk about them, which makes for a great place to exchange information. We can never stop learning about our dragons. I have always wanted to create a site like this, it has been something I have been thinking about for quite some time now. Within these pages, I hope to create a place for new and old owners of bearded dragons can find information concerning our wonderfull friends, and hopefully even have a place where the keeps can create friendships themselves. Myself, I have been taking care of bearded dragons for only 4 years, with dragons of my own for over 2 now. I don't think a day has gone by where I have not read something new about dragons (or reptiles in general). I have been a member of the pogona discussion group for a couple years now and visit a messageboard called Dragon Notes along with talking and meeting many other reptile owners in a little reptile community I created called ReptilesOnline. Throughout these pages I hope to present to you not just one person's ideas on raising bearded dragons, but a variety of people will contribute to this. As time goes, I hope this page can grow into a large community. I hope that everyone that visits can contribute to this site. I will host any reasonable about of pictures and links.. there is plenty of room, so feel free to send me pictures of your dragons! I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back again! --=Scott Axel=-- Webmaster
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